Signs That It Is time For a Wheel Alignment


A wheel alignment is a procedure performed by professional technicians that adjusts the direction and angle of the tires on a car. Tires fall out of alignment all the time due to wear, potholes or accidents. There are several signs that it is time to take a car in for a wheel alignment.

The Car Drifts or Pulls to the Side

One of the most serious signs that a wheel alignment is needed is if the car drifts or pulls to the side while moving. This means the vehicle is actually veering slightly in one direction despite the actions of the driver. This can be particularly pronounced when turning or braking. This drifting or pulling can lead to a serious accident. With a professional wheel alignment Southlake TX drivers can stop this problem.

The Steering Column or Car Vibrates

Misaligned wheels are one potential reason for a vibrating car or steering column. The vibrations are caused by a serious misalignment that is actually causing one or more of the wheels to be pulled across the road at a bad angle. These vibrations can damage the car. They can also make it difficult to steer. A wheel alignment could fix the problem although it could also be caused by unbalanced tires.

The Steering Wheel Is Not Aligned To the Tires

If the tires are seriously out of alignment, then the steering wheel in the car might become misaligned as well. This means centering the steering wheel no longer causes the car to move forward in a straight line. When performing a wheel alignment Southlake TX auto technician will adjust the tires so that they line up correctly.

Tires Are Wearing Unevenly

Looking at the wear patterns on the tires can indicate misalignment. Balding areas on the inner or outer edge of the tires can be a sign that an alignment is necessary. By going in for a complete wheel alignment Southlake TX drivers will ensure the tires wear more evenly and last for a longer time.