Oil Change

Oil Change

Colleyville, TX Synthetic Oil Change & Valvoline Oil

Although many people believe that an oil change is necessary every three months (3,000 miles), if you use regular multi-viscosity motor oil, you can delay the change until you’ve covered around 5,000 miles. Or it could even be every 6,000 to 7,500 miles if you use Colleyville City Garage Valvoline for your engine oil change. At your local Colleyville City Garage there is a choice of three oil change options on offer: the full synthetic oil change; a conventional oil change and an oil change using environmentally friendly, green products. Each of the car oil changes we offer has a variety of advantages and drawbacks. When you bring your vehicle to us for an oil change, ask our skilled, certified technicians to tell you more about your choices and recommend one that’s right for your needs.

Cost-Effective Oil Change Near Me

Our Colleyville City Garage offers a $89 Full Synthetic Oil Change and a $39 Conventional Oil Change. Additionally, our Colleyville City Garage offers $5 off any oil change. When you book in for an oil change, our team will also perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle, taking in thirty key checks. These include:

Inspecting the underside of your car

Tire pressure check

Engine check

When we do a change of oil, you can count on us to do the following:

Use up to six quarts of oil

Provide a new oil filter

Grease fittings

Providing You with the Best Place for Your Oil Change

Whether you opt for a transmission oil change or need to buy engine oil, you can count on us to meet your needs. We stock premium synthetic oil, which we suggest you use because it works well in warmer climates and keeps unwanted engine build-up to an absolute minimum, reducing the risk of future problems.

Oil Change Specials Near Me in Colleyville

We set ourselves the challenge of keeping your vehicle in good, drivable condition for 150,000 or more. Through regular changes of oil and other maintenance, we enable you to extract as much longevity as possible from your truck or car. The right auto engine oil, coupled with the attention of our skilled team, can make a major difference to the condition and performance of your vehicle.

When you turn to us for your oil change and related work, we don’t just get the job done properly, we also offer some great customer care – our technicians will drop your vehicle off at your workplace or home once it’s been attended to, at no additional cost. Should you decide to wait at the garage as the work is being done, you enjoy the benefit of our FREE Wi-Fi. To make scheduling easy, use our online appointment system or call us at (817) 788-2489.