Motor Oil: A Key to Engine Longevity
Even with today’s advancement in car technology, an oil change is still one of the most crucial facets of car maintenance. Neglecting to have the motor oil changed on a regular basis can lead to a number of problems including premature engine failure. Here are some important facts about motor oil.

Dark motor oil is not bad.
There is a misconception that dark-colored motor oil is bad. The detergents actually cause the motor oil to darken over time. In many instances, fresh motor oil will change colors within only 500 miles of driving. Oil change Southlake TX service centers do not want motorists to waste their money.

Synthetic motor oil is not better than conventional oil.
It is true that synthetic motor oils last longer than conventional oil. However, that does not mean that synthetic oil is superior to conventional oil. In fact, some high-mileage engines will benefit from the extra thickness of conventional oil. The smaller molecules of synthetic motor oil can leak between the gaps of an old engine.

Regular oil changes can extend the life of the engine.
If you want your car’s engine to last for a long time, the motor oil needs to be changed at the recommended intervals. An oil change Southlake TX service center can determine whether or not a vehicle has received regular oil changes. When the additives in the motor oil begin to breakdown, the internal parts of the engine will no longer be adequately protected.

Use the recommended type of motor oil.
Oil change Southlake TX service centers urge drivers to use the grade of motor oil that is recommended by the automaker. Although a heavier oil may have a slight advantage in extremely hot weather, the disadvantages include a decrease in engine performance and a lowered gas mileage.