At City Garage DFW, we have a range of services to take care of your Nissan. We know there are many garages that will not work on certain vehicles because they are Japanese. We offer Nissan auto repair and oil change in Colleyville TX so that you ca keep your car running well. We know when your cars need to be serviced, and we understand the ins and outs of the Nissan brand.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are easy for us to complete because we understand your Nissan car. Also, we understand how to get you in and out of the shop as fast as possible. If you are concerned about your car when you bring it in for an oil change, we will check your entire car for problems. These problems are wide ranging, but we have a way of pinpointing those items easily.


When we find other issues with your car, we can repair them quickly. We have access to the parts that are needed to make sure your car works well, and we have factory trained technicians who know how to repair the car quickly.

We try to get your car out of the shop as quickly as possible, and we want to be sure that your car is working properly when you leave. You can trust us with your Nissan auto repair and oil change in Colleyville TX because we are the experts in this area. Other shops may not service Japanese cars, but we have the resources to fix your car.

When you want your Nissan to run for many years to come, you need to come to visit us for help. We can change your oil on a schedule, or we can complete quick repairs to your car to make sure it works properly at all times.