Since 1990, fuel injectors have been in circulation. Fuel injectors are controlled by the vehicle’s computer, deciding how much fuel is injected into the combustion chamber to ignite the sparks that allow your vehicle to move forward. Without the fuel injector, you wouldn’t be able to make it anywhere. Although other methods have been introduced since then, the most popular one today is the fuel injection system.

A common problem with fuel injectors is the clogging of the injector, from the presence of dust, debris, wax, additives, and carbon. This clogging prevents proper gas mileage, vehicle power, and all other aspects of performance. Fuel injection cleaners are extremely popular these days because they make your engine run much better. At City Garage Colleyville, we know the ins and outs of fuel injection cleaner. City Garage Colleyville strives to be the best around when it comes to your fuel injection cleaning.

You can schedule an appointment with City Garage Colleyville by going online or by calling us! We feature free Wi-Fi to keep you occupied while you wait, or if you wish, a City Garage Colleyville mechanic can drop your vehicle off at your home or office when the fuel injectors are cleaned. Give City Garage Colleyville a call today and save on your fuel injection cleaning and/or replacement. We are here to help!