Do you ever wonder how long your vehicle should last you according to your usage of the vehicle and its capabilities? Well the search for an answer is over, because at City Garage Colleyville, we’ve got what it takes to find and diagnose the coming problems in your vehicle to determine how long you can depend upon it. If you ask a couple people at once, you may get several different answers, all ranging from 100k to 250k miles. This isn’t any way to have certainty about your vehicle life. With City Garage Colleyville, we will not only put together a plan to keep your vehicle running at tip top shape, but we will craft that plan around the diagnosis of your needs. We don’t want you to over-sell you a repair or maintenance operation if you don’t really need it, and on the other hand, we don’t want to under-prepare you for a problem in the future. City Garage Colleyville is well rounded and fair with its customers. Give us a call today!

Your Colleyville City Garage offers $25 off any maintenance totaling over $200. By following the plan created by your Colleyville ASE Certified Technicians you will be able to achieve the 150,000-mile milestone without coming into any issues. You can easily make an appointment online by filling out the contact form, or you can call us and make it that way! All of our locations offer Free Wi-Fi to allow you to continue working or just to keep yourself occupied! Give us a call today!