Engine Repair

Engine Repair

Engine Repair Colleyville Texas

The engine of your vehicle is one of the most complicated and pivotal parts of your vehicle’s proper operation. Engine maintenance is pivotal, and many people don’t care much about the state of their engine itself. Here at City Garage Colleyville, we can take care of all of your engine related problems. Give us a call today!


There could be a host of problems plaguing your vehicle engine, but a few of the most common ones fall under these categories:

Bad Fuel Mixture:

This is caused by driving on empty. When you drive on empty, your gas tank gathers condensation in the tank and when the fuel is then placed in the condescended tank, it makes the gas much harder to burn.


You may also have a lack of compression in your engine. This is caused by a worn piston ring that allows air and fuel to leak past the piston during compression. Another possibility could be that your intake or exhaust valves are not sealed properly.


The third problem could be caused by a spark being weak. Or the wire could be cut or not working properly, which will result in no spark.


Come to City Garage Colleyville and get your engine repair dealt with. Our professional ASE certified mechanics are willing to find a lasting solution to your engine troubles. Give us a call today!