City Garage Colleyville

Domingo Romo Castilleja
Jul 18, 2017

Great people to work with. Fixed my problem in a timely manner.

Ralph Zuranski
Jul 14, 2017

Great service with a smile. It is rare to find a repair facility that gives you the option to only repair what is needed to drive safely and followup on when a delayed repair is finally critical. It is good to be able to trust your mechanic to be honest.

Wendy McMahon
Jul 13, 2017

These guys have looked out for me and my cars for over 3 years. They are honest , fair and speedy!

Rainey Harrison
Jul 11, 2017

I came to City Garage for an inspection and Sean Tripp greeted me as soon as I walked through the door he was very friendly and helpful. He even told me the closest place to go for my registration sticker. Which I thought was very nice ofnhim because I was unfamiliar with the area.

Wesley. C. Stewart. II
Jul 10, 2017

Real friendly, and do good work.

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