Car Tune Ups

Car Tune Ups

Colleyville Car Tune-Up & Automobile Maintenance Colleyville Texas

When was the last time you took your vehicle to the garage for a scheduled tune-up? Routine car or truck auto maintenance every year or 12,000 miles can really make a difference to fuel efficiency, longevity and fuel consumption. If you value your engine, ensuring that filters (air and fuel), fuel pumps, plugs and injectors are all in top condition is always an important consideration.

Auto Maintenance Shop Near Me in Colleyville, TX

You can expect the following great range of interventions when you bring us your vehicle for an automobile tune-up:

If required we will regulate your idle and set timing

Visual engine check

New Bosch plugs

Limited annual (12,000 mile) warranty

Thorough fuel system cleansing to reduce unwanted build-up

Fresh fuel and air filters, as required (offered with a warranty for 6,000).

Auto Tune-Up Near Me in Colleyville

There are a number of warning signs which can indicate that your vehicle needs prompt attention at our vehicle maintenance shop. Even if you’re not due a tune-up for some time, if you observe that your vehicle is beginning to knock, stall unexpectedly, use more fuel than normal or has an instrument light illuminated on the dash, it’s important to bring it to us for assessment and repairs if necessary. Without intervention, there is a danger that your engine could suffer serious damage.

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If you want to leave your vehicle in the hands of trained, certified technicians who will undertake a thorough tune-up and service, we look forward to seeing you here at Colleyville City Garage. We aim to offer both great work and an excellent customer experience – why not take advantage of our FREE Wi-Fi as you wait, or use our $10 discount coupon when you spend $97 or more on a tune-up? We also offer a complementary vehicle drop-off service to your home or office once your tune-up is complete. To find out more, or schedule an appointment, use our rapid online booking system or call us at (817) 465-9955 (Southwest Arlington) or (817) 459-4004 (North Arlington). Also, don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your next visit on all offered services and repairs.